Specify TOSEND Directory for Retries

$retry_tosend line tosend [mtosend]

This command is used to specify that a different TOSENDx directory is to be used for retries after the first attempt has failed. This allows the priority of retry attempts to be increased or reduced. The directory specified by the first parameter on this command will be used for all subsequent automated retries of the transmission. The number specified must be non-zero and must not be higher than the number of extra TOSEND directories specified on the $request_dir command.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.
tosend the number of the TOSENDx directory to be used for retries.  A value of -1 in this parameter leaves normal retries unchanged and allows this command to be used just to specify an mtosend parameter.
mtosend the number of the TOSENDx directory to be used when job items are manually resubmitted after failure. This directory is also selected when the 'P' prefix is used in a $retry_delays item.

Default: The same TOSENDx directory will be used for all attempts.


$retry_tosend * 3 ; use TOSEND3 for retries