Specify Partial Retry Options

$retry_partial timeout minimum[%]

This command is used to specify the conditions under which a "partial retry" will be attempted. In a partial retry, CopiaFacts only attempts to send pages not already successfully transmitted. When specified using $retry_cover, a special retry cover sheet will be sent ahead of the document pages for the retry. You can use this cover sheet to advise the recipient of the number of pages sent in previous attempts, which is available in the @SPAGES system variable.  The number already sent is also in @APAGES.

Important note: this command affects all outbound operations done with this user profile, including broadcasts and server operations.

For special applications this command may also be placed in an individual FS file as an override to that in the user profile.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

timeout The maximum time (in minutes) since a page was successfully transmitted, after which the documents will be resent in full on the next retry. You may use a suffix of H or S to specify hours or seconds respectively.  The maximum is 48 hours.
minimum The minimum number of pages, or percentage of completed document pages, which permits a partial retry to be considered. A value of 0 ensures that a partial retry will be attempted for all retries (unless the timeout period has expired since the last page was transmitted). A value of 100% disables partial retries entirely, since it would require 100% of the documents to have been sent before considering a retry, and if the documents had been completely sent there would be no retry.

Default: 60 0


$retry_partial 2H 0   ; always partial retry until 

                      ; after 2 hours

$retry_partial 1H 2   ; full retry if only one page 

                      ; was successful

$retry_partial 1H 50% ; full retry if less than half 

                      ; the transmission sent

$retry_partial 0 100% ; disable partial retry