Specify retry parameter file

$retry_parms line filename

This command specifies the retry parameter file to be used for outbound operations.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.
filename the filename of the retry parameters file to be used. This file is an editable text file and can be edited with any editor. A supplied CF8.SMR file duplicates the internal table as a starting point for your modifications. Note that the actual CF8.SMR file is NOT used by CopiaFacts as a default. System variables are not expanded in this parameter.

The default is that the custom file specified on this command need only supply overrides for the internal table; thus you can create a short file containing only the entries you wish to change. If you specify a complete SMR file containing all possible entries for the board(s) in use, terminate it with a dummy entry for outcome code 99999 and this will inhibit any scan of the internal table.

Default: The internal table is used.


$retry_parms * \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\SPECIAL.SMR ; enable special retry parms