Select Line Group for Retries

$retry_linegroup linegroup

This command allows the specification of a line group to be used for retries of failed transmissions. It causes a $fax_send_line command to be added to the FS file after a failed transmission, replacing any existing $fax_send_line command.

Important note: this command affects all outbound operations done with this user profile, including broadcasts and server operations.

For special applications this command may also be placed in an individual FS file as an override to that in the user profile.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

linegroup the line number or line group(s) to be used, which must be a valid outbound line for the system but need not be on the same network node that processed the request.

Special syntax is used to force a different line to be used for retries. A line group ending in '~0' is interpreted as indicating exclusion of the line used for the latest attempt. So for example '*,~0' for a fax which failed on line 7 is interpreted as a line group of '*,~7' and line 7 is not used for the next attempt. Each failure appends another exclusion to the string, up to a maximum of one-third of the available outbound lines.

Default: As specified by the $retry_linegroup configuration command. The command in an owner UJP is also overridden by that in the SYSTEM.UJP file.


$retry_linegroup Brooktrout ; use Brooktrout board for retries