Specify the Directories for Outbound Fax Requests

$request_dir dirname [maxtosend]

This command is used to name a non-standard directory and optional subdirectories that will be used to store outbound request files. CopiaFacts uses these directories to schedule outbound requests (FS files). Outbound FS files are generated automatically for fax-on-demand callbacks, or by the user using supplied client applications or broadcast launchers.

All CopiaFacts programs on all nodes should be stopped while changing this command, and then restarted. However if only maxtosend is being changed, and both old and new values are above 15, shutdown is not necessary.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

dirname a directory pathname naming the directory in which CopiaFacts will create TOSEND, SENT, FAIL, TEMP, PREPROC, POSTPROC and ACTIVE subdirectories.  This pathname should be a UNC pathname.  Note that system variables other than FFBASE are not expanded in this parameter. Take great care when adding, deleting or changing the dirname parameter on a live system.  The whole system should be shut down at the time of the change, and while the CALLBACK folder tree is being moved to its new location.
maxtosend the highest number of the additional TOSENDx directories which are used to categorize outbound requests. The TOSENDx subdirectories are created if they do not already exist. Additional TOSENDx folders are required for broadcast operations, and you should normally only configure the minimum number that you need.

When a request is first created, CopiaFacts generates an outbound request (extension of .FS) file in a subdirectory named TOSEND within the request directory. A file named NEXTFS in this same directory is used to assign the next available number to the request. This number becomes the base filename of the request file. After a request has been sent, CopiaFacts removes the request from the TOSEND subdirectory and places it in the SENT subdirectory (also in the request directory) and updates the completion status. If CopiaFacts is unable to send the fax, it places the request in the FAIL subdirectory with a fail status in $fax_status2.

The optional numeric parameter maxtosend must have a value between 1 and 99 inclusive.  A value above 15 requires the Job Administration license option.  The number represents the number of extra "to send" subdirectories to be used, which will be named TOSEND1 up to for example TOSEND15 and also placed in the named request directory. These subdirectories would typically be used to contain FS files for broadcast operations. CopiaFacts considers these subdirectories to be extensions of the main TOSEND subdirectory and searches them in numeric sequence, or in the sequence specified in the folder pulldown on the COPIAFACTS Queues page. The TOSEND subdirectory is the normal one used for caller requests (unless a value is assigned to the TOSEND system variable during the request) and is the only one to contain the NEXTFS control file.

The use of multiple subdirectories allows large broadcast jobs to be set up without disrupting urgent operations (such as fax-on-demand) by filling the main TOSEND subdirectory with large numbers of FS files. The Queues page of the COPIAFACTS Server program can be used to set blackout periods on individual TOSEND subdirectories.

WARNING:  Greater numbers of TOSENDx folders should not be used to implement different priorities, because the lowest priority folders will very rarely be serviced. The purpose of providing more TOSEND folders is to make it easier for large broadcast service bureaus to balance loads across multiple machines. To viably configure more TOSEND folders you will already have configured different nodes to handle different TOSEND schedules, and you must disable TOSEND folders on each node so that each node scans only a subset of the available folders.  See the Extended TOSEND Queues topic.

The FFREQ system variable expands to the name of this folder.

Default: the CALLBACK folder in the CopiaFacts Application Data folder; 9 TOSENDx folders.


To increase the number of TOSEND folders from the standard ten folders to add TOSEND10 and TOSEND11, you may need to add the command in FAXFACTS.CFG if it is not already present:

$request_dir @FFBASE\CALLBACK 11

Note that the folder name @FFREQ cannot be used here because it is defined by this command.  The TOSENDx folders will be created by COPIAFACTS when it is restarted, if they do not already exist.

Specify the use of non-standard queue and control sub-directories in the FAXFACTS\OUTBOUND directory. The directories will be created if they do not exist:

$request_dir \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\outbound

Note that the folder specified must already exist.