Override the Repeated Prompts Specifications

$repeat_msg delay count [Sstatenum|S:state|infobox]

This command specifies how CopiaFacts should act when the caller fails to make a requested response, for example if the call comes from a pulse-dial phone. This command overrides $repeat_msg in the configuration file and can be overridden by $repeat_msg in an IIF. The USR and IIF versions of the command can specify alternative actions for a problem call, such as inviting the caller to leave a message describing the problem.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

delay the number of seconds the system will wait before repeating the message when no DTMF digits are detected in response to a specific prompt.
count specifies how many times the message will be repeated before the system hangs up. When the caller presses a key on the touch-tone pad, the system resets the delay timer and repeat counter.
statenum a state number to transfer to after processing the problem call. If state 40 is selected (as in the example below) then a $rcrd_dir or $record_dir command must be supplied to specify the directory for messages, and the call will be terminated automatically after the recording has completed.
state a state name to transfer to after processing the problem call.
infobox an infobox to transfer to after processing the problem call. Your infobox logic is responsible for eventually terminating the call.

Default: repeats message three times at three second intervals

Message Played: If no response is detected from the caller then standard voice prompt 45 is always played to assist the caller and then CopiaFacts hangs up unless other actions are specified.


$repeat_msg 4 2 s40          ; record message if no tone entry

$repeat_msg 4 2 s:record_msg ; record message if no tone entry

$repeat_msg 4 2 98000        ; go to box 98000 if no tone entry