Specify file containing next message number

$record_nextmsg path|value

This command specifies a filename which will be used to hold the next unique message number for recorded messages. The number in the file is incremented each time it is used.  If the parameter resolves to a sequence of numeric digits, it is used as the next message number instead.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

path the full pathname of the file containing the number
valuea numeric value (expressed as the content of a variable) which is to be used as the message number.

The LAST_RECORDING system variable records the last number used, and the LAST_RECORDFILE variable records the full pathname of the file containing the recording. You can save these values during your infobox processing to record the actual number and name of the file used for each recorded message.

If you use a numeric value here, it is your responsibility to ensure that the variable contains a unique number.

Default: the call number is used to identify the message, and if more than one message is to be recorded in a call, different directories must be used.


$record_nextmsg @FFBASE\NEXTMSG ; use NEXTMSG file to obtain number

$set_var NEXT_RECORDING .....   ; get numeric value from a custom database

$record_nextmsg @next_recording ; and use as next message number