Set Allowed Recording/Connect Time

$record_limit length

This command sets the limit of recording time for caller messages in a $type record infobox. This command also has a secondary function in a $type transfer infobox to specify a maximum connect time in the call transfer of an incoming call over SC-Bus to an outbound CopiaFacts line.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

length the time limit (in seconds or milliseconds depending on the TIME_MS variable setting). A value of zero, or the omission of this command specifies an unlimited record length. The recording of a message will stop at the time limit or after five seconds of silence. The five-second length of the timeout may be overridden by assignment to the MAXSIL system variable.

For recordings only, if the caller speaks for longer than the time specified by this command, and an $error_exit has been specified, control will pass to the infobox or state specified as the error exit. For call transfers, both parts of the call will be terminated if the limit is exceeded.

Default: no time limit for recording, 30 minutes for call transfer connect time.


$record_limit 180 ; three min limit

$record_limit 0 ; no limit to recording