Set the Option to Accept a Voice Message from the Caller

$rcrd_msg length

This command specifies that you want to invite each caller to leave a recorded message, which will be placed in the default message directory specified using $rcrd_dir (unless overridden).

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

length the maximum message length in seconds. A length of 0 may be used to allow the caller to leave a message of any length. The value can be overridden by the $record_limit command.

Each second of recorded speech requires about 3K of storage. The recording may also be terminated by the caller pressing a touch-tone key or by five seconds of silence. The five-second length of the timeout may be overridden by assignment to the MAXSIL system variable.

Default: none (required if recording messages)

Message Played: When caller recorded messages are enabled, standard voice prompt 12 asks if the caller wants to leave a message.


$rcrd_msg 45 ; limit message to 45 seconds

$rcrd_msg 0 ; let caller talk as long as he wants