Set the Default Directory for Caller Recorded Messages

$rcrd_dir directory

This command is used to name the directory in which messages recorded by the caller will be stored. Messages are stored in files with a root name that corresponds to the call number and a file extension of .MSG.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

directory the full name of the directory to be used.

If you override this directory name on a $record_dir, $type record, $type playback, or $type replay command, then each override remains effective until the end of the current call unless itself overridden.

Default: none (required if recording messages and no override directory is specified)


The following fragment sets up recording and playback in the specified directory:

$rcrd_dir e:\messages ; specify directory

$rcrd_msg 60 ; always ask caller to leave a message

$playback 88888888 ; password for playback