Specify Cover Sheet Template for Job Proof

$proof_cover template_file [res_code]

This command is used to specify a cover sheet template to be sent ahead of the proof documents. This may either be an ASCII template or use Graphical Customization. The cover sheet should normally show the assigned job instance number as well as the owner name and other job details, all of which can be obtained from system and control variables.

Since a transmission can only include one 'cover sheet' any cover sheet you have specified as $cover_sheet for the actual transmission will be omitted from the proof transmission.

To avoid this problem, use a graphical cover sheet (.GCT or .GTT) for the actual job transmission and specify it as the first (or only) $job_document.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

template_file the full pathname of the cover sheet template file.
res_code the fax resolution to be used for the cover sheet, using the following codes:
1 use fine resolution.
0 use normal resolution (default).

Hardware Issues: On Dialogic Diva, BladeWare and Fax Modem, only graphical cover sheets (GCT or GTT) are supported.

Default: no proof cover is used


$proof_cover @FFJOBS\proof.gct ;(supplied sample)