Specify Job Proof and Destination

$proof phone|address|list [delaycode]

This command controls the sending of a job proof before the main broadcast is launched. The proof is sent to either a fax number or an e-mail address, as appropriate.

If the job document is faxed in for automatic launch and there is a proof command present, the proof is scheduled immediately after the job is created.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

phone The phone number to which the proof is to be sent, enclosed in double-quotes if it contains embedded blank space.
address The address to which the test e-mail is to be sent. This use of the parameter is distinguished by the presence of a @ in the string and the string not starting with sip:.  No expansion of variables takes place for this parameter.
listA semi-colon-separated list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses: a proof will be sent to each one. The whole list should be enclosed in double-quotes if it contains embedded blank space.
delaycode A (positive) delay in minutes after which the job will be automatically launched if not suspended. The time runs from the completion of the proof transmission. In addition the following codes may be used:
0 The proof is sent and the launch immediately follows.
-1 The job is not launched as a result of sending the proof. This is the default if the parameter is omitted.

You can specify an e-mail address for a fax broadcast proof and vice-versa; but the proof will most likely fail unless the job broadcast type is FEB1 or FEB2 and the job is properly configured for both types of destination.

When more than one proof destination is specified in a list, the delaycode is ignored and the job must always be manually launched.  If a proof transmission fails after one has succeeded, the job status does not change to 'proof failed'.

Default: no proof is sent


$proof 6307788848

$proof """Steve Hersee"" <shersee@copia.com>"

$proof tim@copia.com;steve@copia.com