Fax Mail Print Status

$print_status status

This command records the current print status of this fax mail item. The value is set initially by CopiaFacts when the mail is received, based on the $print_option specified in the satellite mail box into which this item was received. It is also updated by FFEXTERN as incoming fax mail is printed.

If the item needs to be reprinted, perhaps because of a paper jam, it is possible to reset the status from 99 to the appropriate value for the chosen queue, for example 1003 for queue 3.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

status Print status code:
0 printing not specified
11-16 awaiting printing by FFEXTERN on queue 1 to 6 (no longer used)
99 printing completed (no longer used)
1000+printing controlled by FFEXTERN  on queue status - 1000
2000+printing completed by FFEXTERN on queue status - 2000

The status value is used to determine the queue to be used when the MCF is selected for printing with the FAXPRINT utility.  The queue number used is the remainder when the status value is divided by 1000.  The FAXPRINT utility uses this value if you wish to re-print the fax on the same print queue.


$print_status 1003  ;(ready to be printed on Q3 by FFEXTERN)

$print_status 2004  ;(printing on Q4 completed)