Set Fax Mail Print Option

$print_option ffextern [queueno]

This command is used to specify that incoming fax mail items are to be printed using the FFEXTERN program. This is implemented by setting a non-zero $print_status value in the .MCF written after mail receipt.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

ffextern a keyword to cause FFEXTERN to process the mail after receipt.
queueno the queue number on which mail for this box is to be printed. If no print queue is specified the first or only queue (queue 1) will be selected. The number must be 999 or less. A queue number of 0 will be ignored (and the fax will not be printed).

The queue number (plus 1000) is placed on the $print_status command in any MCF written for incoming faxes into this satellite mailbox.  From here is also available should the FAXPRINT utility be used to (re-)print the fax file associated with the MCF.

Note that this FFEXTERN option involves scanning for received files that require printing. For occasional printing of incoming fax mail, you can use a type INFOBOX post-receive process and assign @PR_FAXPATH, the incoming fax filename, to system variable PRINTTHISFILE. This method will print the file on the default printer. It is not recommended for high-volume printing applications.

Default: incoming fax mail is not printed.


$mailbox_type satellite

$print_option ffextern 3