Specify MSMQ name for initiating Bulk WordMerge

$preproc_wmdcqname node qname

This command specifies the name of a private MSMQ queue to which messages will be written to initiate a bulk WordMerge operation tasks in FFEXTERN.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename of the machine which is to use this queue, or * for all nodes.  Since only FFEXTERN instances configured for the special process handling Bulk WordMerge will open the queue, you can use * and other FFEXTERN nodes will ignore the command.
qname the name of an existing private queue to which you have permission to write.

Messages are written to the queue only by launching a WordMerge job in the presence of a non-empty USE_WMDC variable.  A message is also written to restart a merge which has been suspended or otherwise failed before completion.

When using this command we recommend that you add a $system_dlls command with a keyword msmq to ensure that CF8MSMQ.DLL and the Windows MQRT.DLL are loaded.


$preproc_wmdcqname * .\private$\wmq