Specify alternate MSMQ name for writing preprocess notifications

$preproc_altqname node qname [tosendnum]

This command specifies the name of an alternate private MSMQ queue to which messages will be written to prioritize specific preprocessing tasks in FFEXTERN. It is used in Job Administration if a variable named USE_ALT_PREPROC_QUEUE is defined with a non-empty value in the instance UJP.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename of the machine which is to use this queue, or * for all nodes.
qname the name of an existing private queue to which this node has permission to write.  The queue name should include the substring alt.
tosendnum The TOSEND queue number value below which FS files (of higher priority) will have an MSMQ message created when they are moved to PREPROC. This number should always be 10 for the alternate queue, so that all FS files written to PREPROC are notified by queue messages.

This command affects:

the FS file written to PREPROC by a Job Admin pre-convert operation for a job instance with job option keyword PreConvert.

the FS files written to PREPROC by a Job Admin launch operation for a job instance with job option keyword PreConvert.

Note that this command does not currently affect any FS files automatically moved to PREPROC by the CopiaFacts engine when one or more of its $fax_filename files has a file type to be converted as a result of a $convert_types entry.

The FFEXTERN instance(s) processing the PREPROC files must specify the queue name using the command-line flag /Q. It should also use the /NS flag to suppress scans of PREPROC.

The MSMQ message contains only the FS filename to be prioritized. It causes FFEXTERN to pick the specified FS file from PREPROC ahead of any it finds by scanning this folder.

FS files written when USE_ALT_PREPROC_QUEUE is defined have a lower case file extension .fs (and others are .FS).  When /NS is not used on an FFEXTERN instance which uses a queue, FS files are picked directly from the PREPROC folder scan only if the case of the file extension is appropriate for the named queue.

The original TOSEND priority is used to determine the priority in the message queue. TOSEND priorities 0 to 7 are translated to queue priorities 7 to 0 respectively, and TOSEND8 and above are translated to queue priority 0. For special purposes you can override this transformation using the configuration command $msmq_pri.

When using this command we recommend that you add a $system_dlls command with a keyword msmq to ensure that CF8MSMQ.DLL and the Windows MQRT.DLL are loaded.


Always write an MSMQ message when moving files to PREPROC

$preproc_altqname * mname\private$\altpreproc 10