Coordinates of enclosing rectangle

$position x1 y1 x2 y2

Commands in these files are normally generated and maintained by FFVIEWER, and for most Graphical Customization applications it is not necessary to view or edit the GCT/GPT file.

This command is used to specify the placement of the annotation or graphic which immediately follows it.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

x1, y1 the pixel coordinates of the top left corner of the enclosing rectangle
x2, y2 the pixel coordinates of the bottom right corner of the enclosing rectangle

Pixel coordinates are always expressed in fine resolution, that is 200ths of an inch in both directions, even if the watermark to be used is normal resolution.

When both the y1 and y2 values are preceded by a + or - sign, the values are taken as being relative to the position of the immediately preceding annotation. Such values can only be set manually and are not supported in FFVIEWER.

Default: none - required command


$position 100 100 700 325