Override Options for One-call Polling by the Caller

$polling option imgconfirm

This command overrides the configuration options relating to callers polling the CopiaFacts system to receive faxes in one-call operations. In addition to controlling the transmission mode, this command can also be used to suppress the playing of image descriptions (or "you have entered ... ") and requests for confirmation of entered infobox numbers, which are not generally required in a polled fax-on-demand system. The polling mode can also be changed by assignment of the numeric option value shown below to the POLLING system variable.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

option one of the following keywords:
none disable polling (0) (default).
always only expect polling, never transmit until polled (1) .
auto automatically determine if caller has initiated a poll or a manual receive operation (2).
imgconfirm one of the following keywords:
confirm normal image description and confirmation of image number entry (default).
noconfirm suppress image description and confirmation requests.

Hardware Issues: When Dialogic voice boards are in use, polling can be detected during the playing of the greeting message or prompt to start fax (Standard Voice Prompts 1 or Standard Voice Prompt 9) and the message is then terminated. Otherwise it is detected only when the fax transmission is started.

Default: If this command is not used in the user profile, the options specified for the line in the CFHWL configurator will be used.


$polling auto noconfirm