Determine Valid Phone Numbers for Requests

$phone_mask action mask [output-string]

The $phone_mask command in the user profile allows you to control the allowable callback area for a fax phone number entered by a caller during IVR and to accept or reject the number for callback. This user profile command has no effect on outbound calls and broadcasts (unless, exceptionally, no $phone_mask commands are specified in the configuration file: obsolete feature).

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

action determines restriction or processing. You can specify either the code letter or the keyword:
c | convert convert phone numbers matched to mask, using output-string, for further phone-mask processing.
+ | accept accept phone number.
- | reject reject phone number.
mask pattern used to match the phone number as follows:
(0 .. 9) match actual digits entered by caller
X match any digit entered by caller
* match all remaining digits entered by caller (only valid at end of mask).
output-string pattern used to convert phone number, as follows:
(0 .. 9) digits to be used in next match
X digits entered by caller
* (at end, with a * at the end of mask) remaining digits of supplied phone number (otherwise * is dialed)

The output-string parameter is required on convert commands, and also on accept commands if there are no configuration file phone masks; it must not be specified on reject commands. It is ignored on accept commands at call time and is only used when the fax is ready to be sent.

Default: number accepted provided it passes the $phone_mask checks specified in the configuration file

Message Played: If the entered phone number fails the checks, standard voice prompt 23 says that the call back number chosen is restricted.


$phone_mask convert XXXXXXX 630XXXXXXX

$phone_mask - 630XXXXXXX ; no callbacks to 630 area