Set Telephone Carrier Account Code

$phone_account [code [code]]

This command is used to assign telephone carrier dialing prefixes and account code which will be inserted into any dial string which was formed using an '@' character or characters in the phone mask (set with $phone_mask).

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

code dialing prefixes and account code(s) to be inserted. Each of up to two white-space-separated code strings replaces a corresponding @ symbol, up to two of which can appear in an output phone mask.

You can set or override this code during a request or in an FS file by assigning a value to the system variable PHONE_ACCOUNT. No code is inserted if the length of the resulting dial string would exceed the capacity of the board to dial it.

This command is no longer required for Commetrex BladeWare SIP fax transmissions, for which the first code string is set to "sip:" and the second to the SIP IP address (preceded by @) from the OTFCONFIG entry (placed in variable CFSIP_SIPIP).  See the example below. This command, and the PHONE_ACCOUNT system variable, can still be used to override the default, but this usage is deprecated.


$phone_account 123456789012345

BladeWare SIP Example (deprecated usage):

User profile (only needed to override CFSIP_SIPIP in the configuration file):

$phone_account "sip:" "@123.456.78.90" ; sets codes to prepend/append

FS file:

$fax_phone 6307788848

The above settings result in the use of the SIP address: sip:6307788848@123.456.78.90