Specify File containing PDF Signing Key

$pdf_sign_keyfile "pathname[;passphrase]" fieldname [reason [location [contact [bounds [pic]]]]

This command is used to supply a key and parameters for signing PDF files which are to be attached as $email_attach files.  The parameters are applied to all the attachments  with content-type application/pdf in the same FS file, excluding those where the word APPLICATION in the content-type is in upper-case.  This command can also be used to sign any PDF file when specified as the KEEP_FAX file type, when the command is included in the same FS file.  All these uses require the E-Mail Security license option.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

pathnameThe full pathname of a file containing the sender's public and private keys. The file extension and format must be .PFX.
passphraseThe passphrase for the keyfile (normally required).  You may use one of the SECRETx variables for this purpose, to avoid having to place the passphrase in clear in the FS file.  Unlike in an infobox file, this usage of the secret variable cannot currently be authenticated, because authentication would not survive the rewriting of the FS file. There must be no spaces on either side of the separating semicolon.
fieldnameThe name of a PDF signature field which will be created and signed.  A name is required.
reasonAn optional string indicating the reason for signing.
location An optional string indicating the location that the signing was done.
contact An optional string indicating the contact information of the signer.  If you include an e-mail address the @ must be doubled.
boundsAn optional string with field bounds in the format "left:top:width:height:page".  The co-ordinates are in points (1/72") and are measured from the bottom left corner of the page.  The :page element is optional and defaults to 1.
picThe pathname of an image file (PNG, GIF or BMP) which will be placed in the field.

A set of bounds and a picture are required to make the signature field visible on the document.  Without these parameters the signature is marked as invisible, but will still show up in the signatures panel and cause a blue band to be shown above the document in Adobe Reader.


Invisible field:

$pdf_sign_keyfile "@FFBASE\keyfile.pfx;xyzzy" "SigField" "Security" "Illinois" "tim@@copia.com"


$email_attach faxable.tif application/pdf

Visible field:

$pdf_sign_keyfile "@FFBASE\keyfile.pfx;xyzzy" "SigField" "Security" "Illinois" 
                        "tim@@copia.com" "100:720:100:100" "@FFBASE\TimSignature.png"