Specify Parameters for PDF Securing and Encryption

$pdf_secure ownerpassword permissions strength [openpassword]

This command is used to supply a key and parameters for securing and encrypting PDF files which are to be attached as $email_attach files.  The parameters are applied to all the attachments with content-type application/pdf in the same FS file, excluding those where the word APPLICATION in the content-type is in upper-case.  This command can also be used to secure any PDF file when specified as the KEEP_FAX file type, when the command is included in the same FS file.  All these uses require the E-Mail Security license option.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

ownerpasswordContains the PDF owner password to be applied to control the specified permissions.
permissionsContains a string of eight 1 or 0 characters to permit (1) or disallow (0) the following eight actions:

Print the document

Copy text and graphics from the document

Edit the document

Add annotations

Fill form fields

Copy for use with accessibility features

Assemble the document

Allow full resolution printing.

Setting the last item to 0 prevents the document from being distilled into a new document.  The last four actions only work with 128-bit encryption.  If fewer than 8 characters appear in this variable, they are assigned in sequence with absent digits at the end defaulting to 1.
strengthContains a digit from 0 to 3 indicating:
040-bit encryption
1128-bit RC4 encryption
2128-bit AES encryption (requires Acrobat 7 or later)
3256-bit AES encryption (requires Acrobat 9 or later).
ownerpasswordContains the PDF user or open password required to open the document, if required.

You may use one of the SECRETx variables for either password, to avoid having to place the passphrase in clear in the FS file.  Unlike in an infobox file, this usage of the secret variable cannot currently be authenticated, because authentication would not survive the rewriting of the FS file.


Allow viewing with a password, and printing:

$pdf_secure "xyzzy" "10000000" 1 "@MyViewPassword"


$email_attach faxable.tif application/pdf