Specify Origination Phone Number for Toll-Free calls

$outbound_tf_ani phoneno

This command is used to specify the origination phone number for outbound calls.  It is used only when the dialed number is marked as a toll-free number using a configuration file $phone_mask command.

This value may also be overridden by assignment to the OB_TF_ANI system variable.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

phoneno the telephone number to be sent as ANI, without spaces or punctuation. The special code X suppresses the outbound ANI if this is permitted by the telephone company. For Dialogic Diva, the X may be followed by a number which will be inserted as the calling number but coded as restricted.

For Commetrex BladeWare SIP, the value default is supplied in the CFSIP_CALLINGNUM variable set by OTFCONFIG . The values from this command and from system variable OB_TF_ANI replace the part between the 'sip:' and the '@'.

If the dialed number is not marked as a toll-free number on a configuration file $phone_mask command, then the $outbound_ani command, or OB_ANI value, is used instead of this value.

See the Phone Mask Examples topic for examples of the masks used to identify toll-free numbers.

Hardware Issues: PRI boards only

Default: The number allocated to the line by the telephone company, if a physical telephone line is attached.


$outbound_tf_ani 1234567890