Specify Origination Phone Number

$outbound_ani phoneno

This command is used to specify the origination phone number for outbound calls.  It overrides the ANI telephone number for the line specified in CFHWL, if one was specified there.

This value may also be overridden by assignment to the OB_ANI system variable.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

phoneno the telephone number to be sent as ANI, without spaces or punctuation. The special code X suppresses the outbound ANI if this is permitted by the telephone company. For Dialogic Diva, the X may be followed by a number which will be inserted as the calling number but coded as restricted.

For Commetrex BladeWare SIP, the value default is supplied in the CFSIP_CALLINGNUM variable set by OTFCONFIG . The values from this command and from system variable OB_ANI replace the part between the 'sip:' and the '@'.

If the dialed number is marked as a toll-free number on a configuration file $phone_mask command, then the $outbound_tf_ani command, or OB_TF_ANI value, is used instead of this value.

Hardware Issues: PRI boards only

Default: The number allocated to the line by the telephone company, if a physical telephone line is attached.


$outbound_ani 1234567890