Specify MSMQ Priority Translation

$msmq_pri type mqpri "ranges"

This command specifies a translation to set a specific MSMQ priority for messages relating to a range of TOSEND queues.  Each command specifies the selection for one MSMQ type and one MSMQ priority.  If multiple commands are accidentally specified for the same type and priority, all the ranges are set to that priority.  When ranges overlap, the last specified MSMQ priority is used. The sequence of commands is therefore significant

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

typeone of the following keywords:
fsthe queue used for job e-mail or sms launch
preprocthe queue specified by $preproc_qname
altprocthe queue specified by $preproc_altqname
notifythe queue specified by $notify_qname
mqpria priority value from 0 (lowest) to 7 (highest), or a value of X to suppress the writing of items in the ranges to the queue.
rangesa set of comma-separated TOSEND numbers, either a single number n or a range n-m.  A value of 0 in a range is ignored: the TOSEND folder always acquires priority 7.  The whole set of ranges should be enclosed in double-quotes and may contain embedded blanks between the numbers.

The number translated for a specific TOSEND number can be retrieved using the Job Administration DLL function MSMQPRI.


TOSEND uses MSMQ priority value 7; TOSEND1 to TOSEND6 use priorities 6 down to 1 respectively; others up to the highest defined TOSEND queue number have priority zero.


$msmq_pri notify 1 "21-25,31-35"

$msmq_pri notify 2 "26,36"

$msmq_pri notify 3 "27-29,37-39"

$msmq_pri notify X "1-20"

$msmq_pri notify 0 "40-99"