Fax Mail Message File Name

$message_file filename

This command records the full pathname of the first or only page of this fax mail item. The data is recorded automatically by CopiaFacts when the mail is received. The message filename is the same as the MCF file name except that the file extension is either ".1" or ".TIF" (the latter for multiple-page TIFF/F files), or ".IPK" for color faxes received on Brooktrout TR1034 hardware.

For special applications which generate MCF files externally, the parameter on this command may be entered as none. This allows a mail box owner to collect a mail message which consists only of an application-generated satellite mail box cover sheet.


$message_file @FFBASE\faxin\00000043.TIF

$message_file @FFPO\3003\00000049.TIF