Specify Fax Mail Message Directory

$message_dir dir_name

This command defines where the received fax mail will be stored. It must appear in each satellite mail box.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

dir_name the message directory containing the fax mail files for this satellite mail box.

If the subscriber is a LAN user who will be viewing and collecting incoming faxes over the network, the directory named on this command should be private to the subscriber and the CopiaFacts system.

If the same directory is named in multiple satellite mail boxes, then all fax mail messages will be retrieved via any of the satellite boxes.

Variables in the dir_name parameter are expanded. The only place such variables can usefully be defined is an IVR session prior to switching to an auto-receive user profile to receive a fax into a common mailbox.

Default: none (required command)


$mailbox_type satellite

$message_dir @FFPO\3003

$mailbox_type satellite

$message_dir @FFBASE\faxin\3003