Build Fax Page from Multiple Sections

$merge_page enable|disable

For Brooktrout and Dialogic fax boards you can use this command to merge images or ASCII files onto a single faxed page. The maximum number of separate elements is three.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

enable a keyword indicating that added images do not end a fax page, but instead have the following image added on the same page.
disable a keyword indicating that the next added image will end the page.

If you accidentally add more than two items with merge_page enabled, or fail to send at least one item with merge_page disabled the fax will either not be sent or will not come out the way you expected. All image files participating in a merge page must have the same vertical resolution (normal or fine), but CopiaFacts does not check that this is the case.

Hardware Issues: this command applies only to Brooktrout and Dialogic fax boards.


; IIF Number 123123

$type group

$merge_page enable

$image_file 123001

$image_file 123002

$merge_page disable

$image_file 123003