Specify Menu Selection Item and Actions

$menu_item infobox voice_opt [next_select | Snext_state]

Multiple instances of this command in a $type menu infobox specify the items to be selected by menu choices 1, 2, 3 etc. When the caller selects a menu item, the image identified by the infobox reference on the corresponding $menu_item line is selected

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

infobox the infobox reference to be selected (do not specify a pathname) or the keyword none if no document is to be selected.
voice_opt identifies the voice file to be played back when the entry is selected. You may specify a filename or one of the following keywords:
filename the full pathname of a pre-recorded message file to be played.
digits the number of the menu selection is played back.
none nothing is played at this time. After the document has been selected, its infobox may specify something to be played.
image play the voice file defined for the selected infobox.
next_select a number to specify processing after the selected infobox has been processed. Zero indicates that you wish to exit the menu, and non-zero is used to select a further item from the same menu.
next_state a state number (Appendix C: State Table) to transfer to after the selected infobox has been processed.

The next_select and next_state parameters are only effective if the infobox reference is a simple fax document. If the selected infobox contains a $next_box command, this will take precedence.

If the infoboxes you will be selecting from the menu have their own description files, it is simplest (and recommended) to allow these to be played in the normal way by specifying none as the voice_opt parameter.

Default: none (required if menu infobox)


Image with intro voice file:

$menu_item 943 @FFBASE\mes\intro.VOX

100 infobox with exit menu:

$menu_item 100 image 0

100 infobox with no playback, and remain in menu:

$menu_item 100 none

100 infobox with exit to state 48 [End Selection]:

$menu_item 100 none s48