Specify Fax Mail Media Type

$media_type type

This command is used to specify the media type for the mail box.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

type one of the following keywords:
faxmpt, fax when supported by the fax board, received mail will be saved in a multiple-page TIFF/F file.
fax1 receive into separate single-page files with extensions .1, .2, .3, etc.


In version 7, the 'fax' keyword causes saving into single-page files. To avoid accidentally saving received files as separate .1 .2 .3 files, the $media_type keywords 'fax' and 'faxmpt' now both signify that faxes are to be received as multi-page TIF files.  To continue to receive the legacy single-page files with numeric extensions, use the keyword 'fax1' in version 8.

This command is currently optional, but must be correct if it is included. A media type can be applied to both an owner mail box and a satellite mail box, but a multiple-page TIFF/F specification is only effective in a satellite mail box.


$media_type fax ; mail box is to be used for fax mail