Set Maximum Number of Image Requests that can be Made

$max_request max-requests

This command defines the maximum number of image requests that a caller may make on a single fax-on-demand call. When this command is used, a request for a group image is counted as one request. Only requests which result in one or more images being selected are included in the request count (i.e. selections which pass control to a menu are not counted).

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

max_requests the limit to be applied.

Image selection is terminated when either the $max_image or the $max_request count is reached, so if you wish to use $max_request you should set $max_image (which defaults to 3) to a high enough value to pass through all your group image selections.

Default: no limit on number of requests, but $max_image applies


$max_image 20 ; make sure limit is above default of 3

$max_request 5 ; set requests limit