Make Document or Cover Sheet On-The-Fly

$make_image prefix|cover templatefile

This command builds an ASCII file (.ASC) on-the-fly in the manner of an ASCII cover sheet, with expansion of variables from a template file. The generated file is normally given a unique filename and can be included in either a one-call or callback transmission; but a special option allows dynamic creation of a document which is placed at the head of the transmission list as a one-call cover sheet. This option allows selective inclusion of a one-call cover, and thus differs from the use of the $onecall_cover command, which adds a one-call cover sheet to all one-call transmissions for the user profile.

The parameters on this list are used as follows:

prefix a numeric prefix for the generated filename, used as described below.
cover a keyword which causes the generated ASCII document to be inserted at the head of the image list, with a file name of LINEnnnn.CVR, where nnnn is the line number, in the callback base directory.  This can only be used for boards which support ASCII cover sheets.
templatefile the full pathname of the template file to be used to generate the document. Generated files are created in the same directory. It is your responsibility to set up an $image_locn to match this. Generated files are not deleted by CopiaFacts.

The image-number of the created file is formed from the numeric prefix you specify, the current call number, and a final pair of sequence digits starting with "00" which are incremented as the image count increases during a single call. The use of the prefix allows you to specify a special $image_locn for the created files which will avoid their being confused with your regular infoboxes. The call number is extended with zeros or truncated to fit the space between the prefix and the sequence digits. For example, if you specify a prefix of "98" and the current call number is 12345, the first generated image number for the call will be "98234500". The image generated with $make_image is automatically added to the list of requested images.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you only use the 'cover' keyword in one-call mode. If you have used $fax_phone_last, the call type could possibly change from onecall to request after you have created the cover sheet. In this case the cover sheet may either be lost or worse, sent later using data from another call. Also if you attempt to use this command twice in a call, the second created cover sheet will be sent twice. CopiaFacts does not prevent you from making these errors! The cover option is provided for special applications only. In most cases a cover sheet will not be needed for a one-call fax-on-demand since the caller is almost certain to be waiting at the fax machine.


Generate a file as 98xxxx00.ASC:

$make_image 98 @FFBASE\imgmake

Required matching entry in user profile:

$image_locn 98000000 98999999 @FFBASE\imgmake