Inhibit Acceptance of Fax Mail

$mail_stop [string|X]

This command stops the system from accepting fax mail into the mail box. When required, it must appear in a satellite mail box. When no parameter is used, the satellite box will accept no mail and standard voice prompt 33 is played. This feature can be used to inhibit fax mail temporarily.

One or more commands with a parameter may be used to suppress reception of faxes from specific senders, by matching the TSI (transmitting subscriber ID) code of the sending fax. This code is normally known as the CSID (calling station ID) or the answerback code of the transmitter.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

string a substring of the caller's answerback code which, when matched, will stop reception. If alphabetic codes are used, case is not significant.
X this special value causes the mail to fail unless it has a non-empty TSI

Because the answerback is not transmitted until Phase B of the fax procedure, the remote machine will normally report a COMMUNICATION ERROR when CopiaFacts aborts the transmission on a matched code.


$mail_stop 778-8848 ; accept no faxes from Copia

$mail_stop "778 8848"

$mail_stop ; allow no incoming fax mail