Specify Directory for Transaction Log File

$log_def dirname

This command is used to specify a non-standard directory that will be used by CopiaFacts to log the transactions associated with each call. Unless you have a single node running the CopiaFacts engine program, the folder you specify must not be a local folder and must be accessible to all nodes using the same specified name.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

dirname the name of the directory to be used for logging.  Note that system variables other than FFBASE are not expanded in this parameter. The directory must not be the base folder (@FFBASE) itself.

A new transaction log is started each day on which data needs to be logged. The transaction files are named YYYYMMDD.DBF, where YYYYMMDD is the current date, unless a COPIAFACTS option specifies that two-digit years are to be used. The directory specified in the only command parameter must have write privileges for the CopiaFacts session.

The DNS.NDX, DNS_MAIL.NDX, DNS_DOMN.NDX and DNA.NDX files (if used) must also be placed in this directory, unless control variables DNS_... have been set in the configuration file to override the pathnames for these files.

The .OMA (Operations Monitor Alert) files are also written in the directory named by the $log_def command.

The FFLOG system variable expands to the name of this folder.

Default: the LOG folder in the CopiaFacts Application data folder


$log_def \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\logfiles