Pre-Load Infobox Collection File

$load_ibc node ibcname ibcpath

This command is used to specify and pre-load a collection of infobox files known as an IBC (infobox collection). Such IBC files are used either to package a set of infobox files for an application, or to enhance the speed of operation of a complex set of infoboxes (or for both purposes). The component infoboxes are treated as if they were individual .IIF files in the same directory as the IBC file.

See Infobox Collections for more information.  The IBC files are created using the COLLECT program.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename of the machine which is to load this IBC, or * for all nodes.
ibcname the logical name of the IBC file, which will be referenced on a $script_locn command which has directory keyword ibc.
ibcpath the full pathname of the IBC file to be used. The directory of the IBC file is significant, because the IIF files it contains are treated as if they existed as separate files in this directory. This can in turn affect the location of associated VOX and other files.  Note that system variables are not expanded in this parameter.

When an IBC name is specified on a $script_locn command, the first one matching the name from the $load_ibc commands is used.

The IBC files are loaded when COPIAFACTS starts. If you modify any of the files you can reload them without restarting COPIAFACTS by using the button on the options page. If a call is in progress, the new IBC is not brought into effect for the line until the end of the call.


Define and pre-load an IBC file containing IIFs for a voice-mail application:

$load_ibc * ffvm \\FFSERVER\COPIA\FAXFACTS\vmail1.ibc

The above IBC file could be referenced from the user profile as:

$script_locn ffvm0000 ffvmZZZZ IBC ffvm