Specify Variable-Group Activation for a Line

$line_vargroup line groupno

This command is used to activate a variable group when an outbound call is processed on a specific line/thread.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group affected.  The code * for all lines can be used, but if a variable is to be activated for all lines there is no reason to make it a grouped variable.
groupnothe variable group to be activated, a number from 1 to 30.

Multiple commands may be used, but a line cannot be configured to activate more than eight variable groups.

Note that activated grouped variables remain defined in the FS file.  To avoid their subsequent use for attempts on different lines, you should either ensure that all lines activate one of the defined variable groups, or define a variable group numbered 0 containing default variable assignments, which will always be activated first for all calls.


Selection of a specific ATA for outbound FoIP calls:

;FAXFACTS.CFG             ; specify line groups, line vargroups

$line_group ATA1 1,2      ; define line group names

$line_group ATA2 3,4

$line_vargroup ATA1 11    ; activate group 11 for lines 1 and 2

$line_vargroup ATA2 12    ; activate group 12 for lines 3 and 4


;FAX.USR                  ; specify grouped variables

$var_def 11/CFSIP_SIPIP  ; IP address of first ATA

$var_def 12/CFSIP_SIPIP  ; IP address of second ATA

This example assumes a four-line system, so all lines have an activated variable and no default group 0 is needed.