Specify outbound line search sequence

$line_priority line priority

This command is used to override the line search sequence for outbound lines in fax and voice outbound operations. When no $line_priority commands are given, the normal sequence is that outbound-only lines are considered first, and then all other lines that allow outbound operations. This information is obtained from the FAXCOUNT.HWL file.

You may assign up to 32 different priority levels with level 1 the highest priority and level 32 the lowest. Lines for which no priority code is specified are considered to be lower priority than any for which you have specified a priority, with outbound-only lines still considered ahead of other lines. Note that the $fax_send_line command will still be obeyed even if higher priority lines are free.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected. The code * for all lines can be used to specify a default priority and then additional commands used to specify individual lines or groups.
priority a priority code from 1 to 32. Priority 1 is the highest priority. Lines with equal priority are considered in ascending sequence of line number.

This command is intended to allow fine control of outbound operations, but the default search sequence will normally be adequate for most applications. You might for example wish to use an override if some of your outbound lines are equipped with faster fax boards than others.

Default: no override priority is used


$line_priority 5 1 ; use lines 5 and 6 first when free

$line_priority 6 1