Specify Outcome Code to shut down COPIAFACTS

$kill_group linegroup outcome number

This command specifies one or more fax transmission outcome codes which will cause COPIAFACTS to shut down the lines and/or the node if they occur consecutively more than number times in the specified line group. The count is reset if any other outcome occurs in the line group.

There is a limit (currently 16) to the number of permitted active $kill_group commands.  The count only includes line groups which have members in the node.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

linegroup The linegroup to be monitored. If the group spans multiple CopiaFacts nodes, the lines in each node will be monitored as a separate entity.
outcome Up to eight outcome codes to be tested (as listed in CF8.SMR).  Use a comma-separated list if more than one.
number The number of consecutive occurrences which must be exceeded to trigger the shutdown. The value must be 0 or positive.

When the kill group is triggered in a node, all the lines in the group in that node are taken out of service. They can only be re-activated by restarting the COPIAFACTS engine. Then, if control variable KILL_GROUP_ACTION is defined in FAXFACTS.CFG, its filename contents are used to launch an action: if the file extension is .FS, it is copied to TOSEND, and if its extension is .CMD, .EXE or .BAT, it is executed, passing a single parameter containing the nodename.  This action can be used to notify an operator of the failure, or to shut down the node by calling KILLFF from a workerbox.

If there is no defined action, or the action fails, or if taking the lines out of service left no lines in the node operational, the node is shut down.  OMACHECK should then trigger if enabled.

This command can be used to shut down a CopiaFacts node in the event of a catastrophic failure such as a complete T1 or E1 going down. In this case the appropriate outcome code(s) can be specified to prevent faxes failing and force them to be transmitted on another node.


To shut down on the 25th consecutive 'no loop current' or 'silent line' outcome for Brooktrout:

$kill_group T1 "259,328" 24 ; shut down on 25th consecutive 259 or 328 code