Specify MSMQ name for writing job summary updates

$jobsum_qname node qname

This command specifies the name of a private MSMQ queue to which messages will be written to update job instance .SUM files.  The updating is performed by the JOBSUM program, which should be permanently running on the same node as the USERJOBS folder when this command has been specified.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename of the machine which is to use this queue, or * for all nodes.  To ensure that the queue is selected for machines which do not run COPIAFACTS so have no defined CopiaFacts nodename, either use * for this parameter or specify an empty nodename ("")for such nodes.
qname the name of an existing private queue to which this node has permission to write.

The content of messages is as follows:

labelThe pathname of the job instance log file.
messageThe data to upgrade the job summary
message IDThe type of data update

When using this command we recommend that you add a $system_dlls command with a keyword msmq to ensure that CF8MSMQ.DLL and the Windows MQRT.DLL are loaded.


$jobsum_qname * MNAME\private$\copia_jobsum