Select job IVR mode

$jobadmin [menustring]

This command causes the incoming voice transaction to commence at the Job Greeting instead of the normal greeting, and follow the pattern set out in the Job IVR documentation and shown in the Job IVR flowchart.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

menustring A string of up to 10 letters allocating the actions to be performed on each of the responses 0 through 9 to the initial Job IVR menu. The letters have the following significance:
N set up New job
E work with Existing job
G go to normal IVR Greeting
X invalid response
  If the lower case letters n or e are used, then prompting is suppressed for the job IVR session. The default value is "NEneXXXXXG".

Note that this command should be placed in a regular User Profile (.USR) not in a User Job Properties file (.UJP).

Default: Normal operation


$jobadmin ; user profile for job admin IVR