Specify TOSEND Set for Job Properties

$job_tosend_set setname
$job_tosend_set "tsnums"

This commands specifies the TOSEND folders which are available for use by a job instance.  The commands may appear in any type of UJP file, but are most significant when combined (by aggregation) from System, Owner, and JobType UJP files into an instance UJP.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

setnameThis form of the command is used in System, Owner and Jobtype UJP files. The parameter is the name of a TOSEND folder set defined in QUEUES.DB, or if omitted, the default set will be used (see below). When a named set is added to an existing UJP file, the set should include any values currently defined for priorities in the UJP: if not, a later job instance creation operation will fail.
tsnumsThis form of the command is used in Job Instance UJP files. The parameter is a set of space separated numbers between 1 and the number of the highest available TOSEND folder.  A number greater than the maxtosend parameter on the $request_dir command will be silently ignored.  The command is generated on job creation from the System, Owner and Jobtype UJP files.

This command is optional in System, Owner and Jobtype UJP files.  When not present, the default TOSEND set for the UJP file is from TOSEND1 up to the maximum number specified on the $request_dir configuration command, or TOSEND15, whichever is the smaller.  This command is therefore required to use TOSEND numbers above 15 in the job properties.

This command is required in Job Instance UJP files.  If there are Priority values in the job instance UJP which are not in the specified set, then job launch will fail.  The priority commands and the specification of the set should not be modified after launch.

Note that the TOSEND folder may also be used in some job operations but cannot be selected explicitly, so 0 should not be included in the set specifications on this command.

For more information on how to set up queues, see the Configuring TOSEND Folders topic



$job_tosend_set SPECIAL


$job_tosend_set "21 22 23 24"