Specify Collection of Euro-ISDN DNIS Data

$isdn_digits line min more timeout

This command is used to specify how DNIS data is collected. In some countries, this command is not required because all dialed number data is available when the incoming call is offered. For others, it is necessary to specify a minimum number of digits which are to be presented when the call is offered, and then a number of additional digits to obtain and how long to wait for them. Contact your CopiaFacts supplier for information about how to complete this command, if needed.

For ISDN environments which require this command, the number of DID digits specified in the FAXCOUNT.HWL line parameters is ignored.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.
min the minimum number of digits needed before the call is offered.
more the number of additional digits to wait for.
timeout the number of seconds to wait for additional digits.

Although a line group must be specified on this command, the same parameters will be applied for all inbound calls in the node. To set different parameters for different nodes, specify a single line in the node on the command for each node. If you specify more than one command affecting lines in a node, the last command processed will be the one that applies to all lines in the node.

Hardware Issues: Dialogic D/300 and D/600 only

Default: No minimum number of digits is needed.


$isdn_digits * 5 5 2