Insert 'include file'

$include "pathname"

This command allows a file containing one or more infobox commands to be treated as if the commands were in the current infobox when it is being processed.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

pathname The full pathname of the file whose contents are to be used.

The pathname must be available on each CopiaFacts node which will process the infobox. If the COLLECT program is used to build an IBC file containing the infobox, the pathname must also be available on the machine where COLLECT is run. The include file is embedded in the IBC and changes to the include file on disk will not be seen when the calling IIF is run from an IBC file.

This command must not be used in a $type menu infobox, nor can the file included contain $menu_item commands.  Included files cannot themselves contain $include commands, and any such nested commands will be ignored. The file extension for an included file need not be .IIF, and it is suggested that an extension such as .INC should always be used instead, to avoid the chance of a partial file intended for insertion being taken as a complete infobox.


$include "@FFBASE\incfiles\"