Set Remote Image Update Password and Options

$image_update password [tries [desc_allowed [Y|dirname]]]

This command specifies a specific password which must be entered by the caller before a fax-on-demand document (specified by the same IIF) can be updated from a remote location; and also overrides remote image update options set in the user profile using $update_image.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

password the actual number to be entered as a password. Use the keyword "none" or "null" to indicate that no password is required when you need to specify only the other parameters on this command.
tries the number of attempts which you allow the caller to enter a valid password. Zero implies no limit.
desc_allowed a yes/no/? keyword as follows:
Y the voice description for the document may be updated.
N the voice description for the document may not be updated.
? use the option specified by $update_image in the user profile.
Y a "yes" code to indicate that immediate updates are permitted, overwriting the original document.
dirname a directory name where the incoming document files (and voice description, if specified) are placed temporarily for later updating of the actual document.

It is the user's responsibility to copy the documents from the update directory to the main document database. You could use the 'quit' exit option in the COPIAFACTS program to exit at a certain time each day to copy the files from the deferred update directory to the main document database. You might also have a program that searches the deferred update directory for images to update.

Default: no password needed to update image; options set by $update_image


An image which allows password updating:

; File 00001000.IIF

$image_type fax_image

$image_desc standard

$image_file @FFBASE\image\00001000.TIF

$image_update 8888 3 Y Y