Set the Fax Resolution to file, low, high, or user selected

$image_res image_res

This command is used to force conversion of fax image files to normal or fine resolution. Normally CopiaFacts sends the page at the resolution in which it is stored on disk. Some degradation of image quality will occur on conversion of a fine resolution image to normal resolution. Converting a normal resolution image to fine merely increases transmission time without change of quality, but may be necessary if the receiving fax machine cannot change resolution during a transmission and you have a mix of image resolutions in the selected documents.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

image_res one of the following keywords:
low, low-res forces low resolution, by dropping alternate lines of a fine image.
high, high-res forces high resolution, by duplicating lines of a normal image.
user, user-res asks the user if low or high should be used (for the whole transmission).
file, file-res use file resolution (default).

Message Played: When the user keyword is specified, standard voice prompt 11 asks if user wishes high or low resolution.


$image_res low

$image_res high