Specify Image Password Options

$image_password password|filename tries

This command specifies that a password that must be entered to gain access to a fax-on-demand infobox. The password may be one of the entries in a dBASE index (.NDX) file or it may be a number that must be matched exactly by the caller. Whenever a caller requests this infobox, the system will prompt him to enter the password for the infobox.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

password the actual number to be entered as a password, or the contents of a variable as @varname.
filename the full pathname of an NDX file in which one of the index entries must be matched by the entered password.
tries the number of attempts which you allow the caller to enter a valid password. Zero implies no limit.

The utility program PIN can be used to create and maintain the .NDX file used for the password check.

Messages Played: When this command is enabled, standard voice prompt 16 asks the caller to enter an infobox password and standard voice prompt 17 rejects an invalid entry.


$image_password 8596 3 ; set fixed password

$image_password dist.ndx 2 ; file look-up for password