Specify Image Filename

$image_file filename|infobox|url|docpath

This command identifies the fax file to be selected for fax-on-demand when this infobox is to be selected. It is a required entry if the $image_type command indicates either a fax image (of any type, including ASCII) or a group image.

This command can be used in an image infobox to point to a file with a non-numeric file name which cannot be selected directly. In group infoboxes, you use this command to identify which infoboxes are part of the group.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

filename the full pathname of the first page of the file to be transmitted. CopiaFacts automatically picks up subsequent pages as .2, .3, etc. This form must not be used in a group_image infobox. The drive path name used as part of the file name must be accessible to COPIAFACTS when it is running.
infobox in a $type group infobox, only the infobox number of the document is entered, using multiple $image_file commands to specify all the documents in the group.
url in a $type web infobox only, a valid URL may be entered of an HTML file which will be retrieved and converted to fax by the FFEXTERN monitor program. The resulting fax file will be stored in the WEBFAX subdirectory (or that specified as $webfax_dir) with the same filename as the infobox file. The URL must commence with http:// or ftp://, or the prefix file:/// may be used for local HTML files.
docpaththe full pathname of a file which can be converted to fax using the Document Converter.

Default: none (required entry for image and group infoboxes)


A group IIF file with three images:

; file 00001000.IIF

$image_type group_image ; group of 3 documents

$image_desc standard

$image_file 10

$image_file 11

$image_file 12

IIF pointer to named fax file:

; file 00002000.IIF

$image_type fax_image ; pointer IIF

$image_desc standard

$image_file @FFBASE\image\technote.TIF

IIF pointer to URL to be converted to @ffreq\webfax\00002001.TIF:

; file 00002001.IIF

$image_type web_image ; URL IIF

$image_desc standard

$image_file http://www.copia.com

IIF pointer to local URL to be converted to @ffreq\webfax\00002002.TIF:

; file 00002002.IIF

$image_type web_image ; URL IIF

$image_desc standard

$image_file file:///c:\savehtml\copia.html