Specify Tone Parameters for Global Tone Detection (Dialogic Diva Server)

$global_tone_parms line tonetype parmlist

This command specifies a single tone range within which tones are recognized during CopiaFacts operations and can be used for application purposes, for example for detecting a specific answering machine type.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines. Only one tone range may be defined for each line.
tonetype a value of 1 for single-tone detection is currently the only supported value.
parmlist a list of five white-space-separated values as follows:
minduration the minimum duration of the tone in milliseconds
minsnrthe minimum signal to noise ratio, expressed in decibels in the range 127db to -127db.
minlevel the minimum level of the detected signal, expressed in decibels in the range 127db to -127db.
maxAM the maximum allowed variation of the signal level, expressed in decibels in the range 0db to -255db.
maxFM the maximum allowed variation of the signal frequency during tone detection, expressed in Hz. Note that this value limits the variation in frequency which is to be considered as a single tone. This differs from the $global_tone fq1dev parameter which specifies the variation in the reported value which will be accepted as indicating the specified tone ID has been detected.

To define tone IDs for specific frequencies, use $global_tone commands.  To enable and disable global tone detection, assign a value to the GTD_CHECK system variable. When a tone is detected, the tone ID is returned in the GTD_TONEID variable.

Hardware Issues: Dialogic Diva Server only


$global_tone_parms DIVA 1 100 18 -36 1 5

$global_tone DIVA 1 340 10 ; ID1 is 340Hz ±10

$global_tone DIVA 2 400 10 ; ID2 is 400Hz ±10