Specify Broadcast FS Template Items

$fs_template command parameters

This command is used to specify FS file commands which are copied to each FS file generated in a Job Admin broadcast launch.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

command a valid FS file command name
parameters the normal parameters required for the FS file command

Typical commands you might want to specify in this way include $fax_send_time, $fax_sender, $fax_post-process, $email_esender, $email_options. Commands which allow variable expansion will be expanded at the time of the broadcast, not when the UJP file is selected.

Template $var_def commands are processed in exactly the same way as $var_def commands in the job properties; that is to say they are copied into each FS file for the broadcast.

It is best not to use this command for FS file commands which have a direct equivalent UJP command:

for $fax_filename use $job_document instead

for $fax_tosend use $priority instead

for $fax_cover use $cover_sheet instead

for $var_def use a UJP $var_def command

Default: No template items are used


$fs_template $fax_send_time 17:00:00

$fs_template $fax_post-process LOGIT infobox