Specify Permanent Linking of Fax/Voice and Telephony Channels

$fix_channels nodename boardname

This command specifies that telephony channel numbers are to be tied to the corresponding device channel number on Diva and TE Systems digital hardware and IP Ports. This is always the case for analog boards, for which this command is not required. This feature allows channels in a span to be configured differently by your telephony provider and ensures that the corresponding CopiaFacts line is always used for each telephony channel. The default is to allow any telephony channel on the specific line device to be used with any CopiaFacts line.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

nodename The CopiaFacts identifier for the node in which the hardware is installed, or * for all nodes.
devname The line device name using the format shown below. Upper and lower-case are not significant.

Diva line devices must be specified using the format "EiconB1" and TE Systems by "XCAPIB1".

Hardware Issues: Currently Dialogic Diva and TE Systems only.


$fix_channels M1 EiconB1

$fix_channels M1 EiconB2